Lumis Student Living

Ametros has a service and delivery model based on a structured and planned approach to our whole summer operation. Work is only taken on after evaluation by our Operations team. The evaluation includes the scope of works, the agreed specification, the timescales, and our ability to deliver in the required time and to the required standard.

When we assessed the summer cleaning requirements of Lumis Student Living in Leicester, we agreed to meet two-thirds of the requirement for the timescales needed as we never take on contracts we are not confident that we can meet the required standards.

The work was carried out in two stages. Our initial visit would take care of rooms vacated by early student departures in July. The second visit was scheduled for the peak period at the end of summer. Unfortunately, Leicester went into a local COVID lockdown that forced the postponement of our first visit. Unfazed, we rapidly adapted our plans and rescheduled for the beginning of August.

The team were briefed to ensure that all parties were aware of what was expected of them and were provided a list of site rules and common snagging issues.

The project was completed and successfully despite unpredictable circumstances.